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5 Stars Forum Rules

Post by Zombie on Sat Jul 02, 2011 8:30 pm

-Coexistence Guidelines
In order to ensure good relations between members of S4 League Hack, established a set of rules that every user should follow to the community to continue to grow every day.

You Are Not Allowed To:

1. Insulting and / or attack any forum user or non-members.

2. Discriminate by race, religion, political orientation, sexual preference, culture (nationality), sex or age.

3. Include in your post images, videos and / or addresses on pornography.

4. Include in your profile (signature, avatar or any other field) data or messages that may get offended / hurt other people or people outside the forum.

5. Creating themes without meaning or that contribute little or nothing to the forum in which they were created for the sole purpose of increasing the number of messages.

6. Improperly advertising (SPAM) of products or services provided by companies for commercial purposes.

7. Posting material (written, graphic or otherwise) that could cause harm to any person or entity. This includes your physical and mental health.

8. Make public private conversations with another forum member, without the consent of the other party.

9. Publish material from other media, without citing its source.

10. Post more of a message or topic with the same content.

11. Is prohibited except hang colored post (S4 League , Global Moderators , Moderators, V.I.P)

12. Promote other communities without the express prior permission of the moderators or administrators supermoderadores (which allow only publish those which by their nature, provide a distinct advantage to the service provided by S4 League Hack)

13. Post any type of Malware.

The failure of either of these rules may lead to partial or total suspension of your user account, depending on the severity.

14. Every Use Have To Use His Level Topic Icons Means

Other Clarifications
The Global Moderator and Admin Of the Forum have the right and the duty control posts on the forum to enforce the rules. In any case, you can edit, delete or close threads / posts / signatures / avatars to avoid problems or violation of any rules mentioned above.

Fumbi Levels :



Global Moderadors



Level 1



Baneado ( For Peoples Who Do Any Thing Out Of Permisions And Rules )

1. Banned 2 Days

2. Banned 4 Days

3.Banned 10 Days

4. Banned For Ever ( Ip Adress , Email Adress )

I know That Every One After This Rules Will Be

Bye Bye Your Admin

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