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Very importante

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Very importante

Post by ►[♪♫Miguel♪♫]◄ on Sat Aug 06, 2011 12:57 am


4 Spanish people, sorry 4 All Our Users but this is a english forum so.... please speak English or use google translator.
but do not speak Spanish This is English Forum so if you speak Spanish you will lose life.

This Means :

1-No Spanish Questions.

2-No Topics Spanish.

3-No Messages Spanish.

4-No Spanish Events.

And This Rules is 4 All Users , Moderators , Admins , And all who is Already Registred Here Thanks 4 Reading Have Fun


spañoles losiento, pero esto es un foro ingles, asi que..... porfavor hablar ingles o usar google traductor pero no hableis mas español ,es un foro ingles asi que no hableis en spañol o os bajaremos la vida.
Porfavor no hableis español.

Thanks For Reading : Forum staff

PD: This is new rules , No Questions

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